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Advantages of ceramic roof

The choice of roofing materials today can be called infinite. Among the products of different value, quality and design. Many materials have been developed and created with the most modern technologies, in spite of this ceramic tile for many centuries is the most popular solution to create a beautiful and reliable roof. What is the reason for such popularity? It's all in the benefits of ceramic tiles over other roofing materials.

The practicality of ceramic roof

The roof of ceramic tiles is known since the times of Ancient Rome, with Romanesque tiles still adorns the collection of the leading manufacturers of this material. One of the main advantages of this material is durability. If metal or shingles are 35-50 years, the kind of ceramic tiles not less than 100 years. To compete in this parameter it may only natural slate, the cost is significantly higher.

Ceramic tile features is simply gorgeous: high strength, frost resistance, the minimum rate of water absorption. All this explains its longevity and minimal maintenance costs. Has ceramic roof is another definite plus is the excellent sound insulation characteristics of the material allow in heavy rain or hail not to worry about outside noise. Ceramic roof with proper installation perfectly resists strong winds, does not leak, can withstand any snow load.

Aesthetic quality ceramic roof

Natural tiles is today a symbol of prosperity and wealth of the owner of the house. It should be noted that it is not about the most expensive roofing material. What is the reason for this reputation? In perfect aesthetic qualities: the roof of a natural tile looks luxurious, elegant, harmoniously. This is a classic of the genre, which many manufacturers try to imitate.

Perfect roof

Graceful shapes, sleek lines, an impressive variety of shades - all these features of this material. Various kinds of ceramic tiles have different height profile may be covered with a layer of glaze or engobe, but it will always look perfect. The advantage of the material that he during the whole period of operation does not change its color. This is achieved by the fact that the tile is painted in the mass, and glazed or engobed coverage differ infinite stability. This is why natural tile roof looks luxurious, almost like new, even after decades after its installation.

Ceramic roof ideal for architecture

The roof is the most significant element of the architecture of the building. It is safe to say that its role in shaping the exterior of at least 60%. Especially since it is hard to argue when the role is about roofs. Miniature towers, semi-circular Dormer Windows, cupolas - all these elements will decorate any house, designed in a classical or modern style. However, all these parts of the roof to perform sheet material aesthetically do not work. Another thing piece ceramic tiles, having a compact size. With its help, you can perform the most difficult item and make it a qualified technician will be able perfectly.

All these benefits are an important reason why to buy ceramic roof prefers an increasing number of consumers in our country. Their choice can be safely called literate and flawless!