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Mladost 10 years in Russia


I want to share with you a wonderful discovery. Recently, while on a business trip in the city of Voronezh, our staff visited a lovely restaurant "Yugoslavia". The attention of our colleagues raised the roof of the building - a professional habit of valuing, see what the options are. But the speech now not about it. Seeing the roof, our colleague thought that somewhere have seen in this profile. He did not think long and decided to make sure he is right. Immediately turned to the restaurant staff with a request to tell us about how to tell the story of "Yugoslavia" and its construction. There was a knowledgeable person who confirmed guesses of our colleagues! Professional look does not disappoint! The roof of the restaurant covers tile Mladost! For more than 10 years, she decorates the building and serves as a true service! 

The Chekker company motto is and has always been – to offer the market only the products, which we have no doubt!

This time we received confirmation that our professional instinct did not fail us! Tile Mladost – quality European tile, which has survived more than one season in a difficult climate of Central Russia!